This is the official website and ‘cyber home’ for me, Paul J. Andrew (PeeJay or Peej to family and friends) This is where I share my work, my travels and my general musings with the world…

For those of you who don’t know me, I spend most of my time flitting from one continent to the next and I’m usually to be found in some far away place either behind a camera or holed up somewhere writing or ‘creating’ on the Macbook.

My office is whichever hotel, coffee shop or cafe around the globe that I find myself in and my role usually changes from week to week so life is never boring.

I am a British citizen, a Canadian resident and a genuine ‘man of the world’ having worked across most of it.
However, when it comes to the web,
this is my crib… and I’m always home…
Thanks for stopping by.